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Invite JL and Bailey in for an hour or two. We will get to know who you are first as a family, then as individuals, and then help curate and develop the story of you.

Meet us and let's discuss what we can create together!



Whether your individual story is in need of headshots, studio portraits, portfolio building, or lifestyle shots we can help! Just reach out to JL and Bailey and let us know what you are in need of and we will get back to you, preferably over a piping hot cup of coffee!

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Do you need to spruce up your portfolio? Want to apply to that college or summer intensive but need to show what you can do? Bailey and JL are the team to help do that. Specializing in headshots, dancer portraits, and video reels we can help you put your best foot forward!

Set up your free coffee-consult today!  

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Events have become our bread and butter. Building on our years in theater, performing and growing a successful professional dance company, we are ready to bring all that we've learned to capture the nuance and magic of your special event. Live events are unique and as such we offer a complementary consultation to make sure we can make your event special.  Live event packages available with pro video and editing as well as comprehensive photography services.


Are you a non-profit? Ask us about our non-profit discount program! 

 Set up your free coffee consult (or tea) and see what Carousel can do for you! 

Carousel Events



Bailey and JL offer a wide variety of marketing and graphic/ web design acumen. We can help you create memorable marketing that captures your unique "why." Whether you need logos, product or service photos, brand guides or web design we will work with you to get you on point and on message. We have helped individuals, studios, and performance companies.

Are you a non-profit? Ask us about our non-profit discount program!

Set up a free coffee-consult today!

Lake Shoots Currently On Hold!
Ready for a most memorable photography experience?
Carousel will be pleased to again offer full portrait packages at our beautiful Lake. We will have to wait for the time being to see when we can open this experience back up. Come for photos and stay for a picnic. Contact JL Today!
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