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(aka Create with Carousel)

Every client comes to Carousel looking to tell their own unique story, and so we make sure that every booking is one-of-a-kind. Sure the umbrella labels of Portrait, Wedding, Fashion, Dance, etc  may apply but to get a sense for what your session will involve, or what your needs are, it will all start with a conversation.

With competitive rates, photo and video options that range from 1:1 to small group and all the way to corporate event, we at Carousel can surely help you create impact and memories. So whether looking for photography, videography, or design work, reach out to today.

*If you've arrived at this page with a direct invitation to book a specially crafted group package, you may find your package(s) below.

In Studio Photo Sessions

Whether solo, duo, or group, come hang with our photographer in studio!

C360 - Away - Headshots - Pre Pro - Kage.jpg



Creative Portraits

B & W - Natalie StraightLeggedPress.jpg

Dance Photoshoots

Bailey Half Face Right.PNG

Commercial/ Product

Event photography

Need to capture a stream of moments quickly and professionally? Look no further!

SavMatWedding - WaterForElephants-03.jpg



Theater Arts



Film and Video

Have a bigger project in mind? Reach out for all your planning, storyboarding, location scouting, setup, teardown, and editing needs. After 6 years producing film and video, we are ready to meet you where you are and then take you further.


Theater Arts



Video Personality




NChapman - Print Proof.jpg


"If at any point in the booking process you come up with a question, no matter how unnecessary you may think it is, please let me know. We are about to go on a journey ... leave nothing on the table!"



"Booking with us is only the beginning ... and that first look at your brand new images is certainly not the end. Become a part of the growing Carousel Community. You won't regret it!"

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